A bad back does not have to stop you in your tracks

April 10th, 2016 by

Back Health Program

A bad back does not have to stop you in your tracks

Back pain is the second most common reason to visit your doctor, so if you are suffering then you are not alone. It might be an ache when you get out of bed, or something more sinister that sends pain into your legs and stops you from getting on with life. The good news is that back pain does not have to be a problem for you.

Over the last 13 years we have treated thousands of people with back pain. In that time we have seen all walks of life, some in pretty bad shape. Builders with bulging discs, young athletes with spinal fractures, older patients with crippling arthritis.
Early on we used to massage, stretch and provide advice on how to manage pain like with the use of heat packs and how to get comfortable. This was ok, but we were just like every other clinic getting you our clients out of trouble. Most of the time patients would feel better, but eventually most would come back; some after only a few weeks, others after a few months. This was a challenge, because I felt like all we were doing was providing a quick fix for the body.

The shift happened 4 years ago. My back was constantly sore. At the age of 33, I felt more like 83. I had such little faith in my back that I often avoided picking things up off the floor because I did not trust my back to get me back up.

One day James Wanna – head trainer from Massive Workouts, came in for a treatment. Long story short he invited me to train at his training facility and get active. After a few months of functional training (everything from lifting weights, rope climbs, box jumps, 5 km runs, 100m sprints etc) I started trusting my back again.

I did loads of research about technique and benefits of training because I was scared of hurting my back. The more I read about exercise and its impact on back pain, the more I learnt that exercise was like finding the holy grail for back pain you could check here.

One orthopaedic surgeon said that he no longer operates on his back pain patients, rather he prescribes exercises like squats, deadlifts and kettle bell swings to strengthen the back. This is backed by research that states that the difference 10 years after hurting their back, patients who undergo spinal surgery are no better off than those who managed it without surgery.

This information forms the basis of how we manage clients presenting with back pain. We teach you how to move better and how to stop irritating that joint or bulging disc in your back. The rehabilitation is aimed at strengthening your deep spinal muscles to provide a stronger more stable back, one you can trust.

So if you are sick of having a bad back, if you are sick and tired of regular treatment to get you out of pain, give us a call and one of our practitioners will be happy to get you started on our back health program.

Yours in Health,
John Panuccio and The Team


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