Our mission

June 12th, 2017 by

Back Health Program

Our mission

First of all a huge thank you to you our loyal clients. My team and I are blessed to have a great patient base who we genuinely look forward to treating. We love what we do, and love working with positive motivated people who are willing to work on making positive change in your life.

2017 has kicked off with a bang, and we want everyone to know our mission.
We want to help you, our clients thrive. Thrive is defined as ‘To grow or develop vigorously; Flourish; Succeed’ This seemed appropriate to me, because I think life is too short to just survive, Thriving is where its at.

Over the last 13 years, and thousands of consultations we have seen lots of bad backs, and helped people just like you get out of pain. The challenge was always helping you stay out of pain. So that is our goal for this year, to help you out of pain and to stay out of pain; to help you thrive.

Research shows that poor movement contributes to injury. Our bodies are amazing at tolerating all kinds of stress, up to a point. That sharp pain in your lower back and the shooting pain down your leg is a warning sign to take a good hard look at how you are doing things.

A big emphasis you will notice moving forward is that you will be spending more time in our gym. We guarantee you will love the results. Learning how to move better is part of your solution. When you move well, you move with ease, with less risk of injury and greater productivity.

This is what one of our patients Mark has to say about our new approach:
“After years of suffering with chronic back pain due to several disc bulges, I lost confidence in my training and general day to day activities. Picking something up from the floor always felt risky.

John gave me the confidence to move well, train well and trust my back again. As an added bonus my sore knees got stronger and have not felt better.”
So if you are sick and tired of that niggly back, give us a call and one of our practitineors will be happy to discuss our back health program.

Take care
John Panuccio and the team


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