Sleep is the game changer you are looking for

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Sleep is the game changer you are looking for

Easily the most underrated aspect of recovery, with a massive impact in so many ways when it is not prioritised. Slower recovery from training / sports, impaired performance, reduced mental capacity, and a vulnerable immune system can all result from poor sleeping habits.
We will dive more into the benefits of good sleep, and some simple habits you can install today to improve your sleep, and recover better.

How does sleep work?

Sleep is not necessarily being a case of you are awake or you are asleep.
There are generally three phases of sleep, with 2 having essential functions in helping us regulate aspects of our physical and mental/emotional recovery.
The three phases are:
  • Light sleep – early stage of sleep where you gradually fade in and out of sleep. You are easily woken up during this stage, while your body slows down preparing for the next phase or deep sleep.
  • Deep sleep – Your body has slowed down, your temperature drops slightly, muscles relax. This is an essential part of your sleep for muscle recovery and restoring your body. Muscles and tissues are rejuvenated during this phase of sleep.
  • REM (Rapid eye movement) is where your eyes are closed but they dart around, from the intense dreams and brain activity that is occurring. This phase of sleep restores your mind, providing energy to the brain that supports during waking.

4 steps to improve your sleep starting tonight

Maintain a regular schedule for going to sleep and waking up.
Step 1: Set a recurring alarm for the same time each day, as well as a reminder 30 minutes prior to your bed time.

Avoid coffee, alcohol, and nicotine in the hours before bed.That late afternoon coffee may be hindering your ability to fall asleep..
Step 2: Avoid coffee, nicotine, alcohol and pre-workout before bed.

Avoid phone use, and television, or laptops in the bedroom. They emit a blue light that can hamper the melatonin hormone, which helps control your circadian rhythm (sleep and waking cycle)
Step 3: Remove all devices from the room, including your phone.

Maintain a relatively cool room environment, roughly 18 degrees. A slightly lower temperature promotes sleep, where heat and warmth can feel stifling, and contribute to a restless sleep.
Step 4: Keep your room cool at night (Open some windows, or have some thinner sheets on the bed).

Install these steps above and let us know how your sleep and recovery improves.
Send me an email at john@yorhealthsolutions.com.au and let me know how you go.

Yours in Health,

John Panuccio


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