More and more research is surfacing about how your movement affects your pain. A huge point of difference is our strength and conditioning studio where your rehab journey starts from day one.

Our team of practitioners are passionate about helping you achieve a great result. Our shared values allow us to create a supportive environment, guiding you on your journey towards becoming the best version of you.


You will learn about your body, how to best manage your injuries or maximise performance to prevent future problems.


You will be encouraged by our team to stay on track with your program, making improvements every step of the way.


Our team will collaborate to make sure you get the best level of care possible. We are trained to the highest level to provide the most effective hands-on treatment and rehab available.


You will have goals to reach and rewards in place to help you achieve your desired outcome as outlined in your initial treatment.

Introducing the team.

Our team are passionate about helping you be the best you can be. We have all been patients at one time or another, having suffered numerous injuries ourselves over the years. So we understand first-hand what it is like to work through injuries.

All our practitioners are trained to the highest level, offering you the latest research based treatment and rehabilitation protocols.

John Panuccio Osteopath

John studied for 5 years at uni to complete a Master in Osteopathy degree, going on to complete an Acupuncture for Manual Therapists course thereafter. John started the clinic back in 2003, and since then has helped numerous athletes with their injuries. Hammer throwers, race car drivers, soccer players, martial artists, tennis players and more recently helping provide functional screening for Premier League soccer clubs such as Parramatta Eagles.

John keeps active with bootcamp and chasing after his little boy. John loves keeping fit, good food, good coffee and time with friends and family.

Frank Romeo Physiotherapist

Frank has undertaken an enormous amount of study, having completed a Diploma of Remedial Massage, going on to become accredited as an Exercise Physiologist after completing an Exercise Science degree. Frank then finalised his studies with a Master of Physiotherapy degree. From this body of knowledge and practical experience, Frank combines strong hands on skills together with evidence-based rehabilitation.

Matt Physiotherapist

Matt has a passion for helping you become the best version of yourself. Having completed a Bachelor of Health Science/Master of Physiotherapy, Matt has a keen eye for detail in identifying the true cause of your pain. Matt incorporates an evidence-based approach to his hands-on treatment and rehabilitation, providing an exceptional treatment approach that really helps you thrive.

Matt has a keen interest in sport and has been the physiotherapist for state level Oz tag and touch football teams, such as the Fairfield City Falcons and Bankstown Sports Touch Football Club.

Matt loves his music, food and most of all a good laugh. During his spare time, he keeps fit and healthy by engaging regularly in Oz tag, bouldering, gym training and spending quality time with friends and family.